Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Limelight at the End of the Tunnel

My band, HALLWAYS has released our first full length album, Ghosts. I never thought I would get to this place in my life. Honestly, I can't help but to be overly sentimental...

Many long hours of my complicated and strange existence have been spent day dreaming about performing. At times it's been physically painful, wanting it so bad and knowing if I gave up on the dream, I would somehow be going against my own nature or not fulfilling my future correctly. It's strange but I have theorized that perhaps I have put enough crazy energy out into the universe to bring the fevered experience into my life.

I have been working on my vision of "total art" or "Gesamtkunstwerk", the German concept of combining multiple forms of expression since I was very young. I just didn't have a word for it until college. I slowly and unconsciously began developing my interests separately and at different points in my life. Each became a passionate but abstract obsession at the time; drawing, piano, singing, songwriting, sewing, illustration, miniatures, photography, video, poetry, painting, creative writing, performing, arranging, field recording, graphic design, art direction, production and management.

I get overwhelmed and distracted easily. The limitless inner energy that fuels my intense need to create and explore also feels too huge to contain and channel accurately. Ghosts represents a master thesis of sorts. It somehow miraculously ties together my poetry, singing, songwriting, photography, graphic design, piano, art direction, producing and management and interest in field recording. It takes me closer to my original and yet ultimate objective, bringing me full circle, in a sense. Above all, it was created with and because of my brilliant partner, Grant whom I share this passion for creation with. The universe never ceases to astound me, as my experience has already exceeded my farthest wish for this life.

I know to others it may not reflect the amount of work, time or phenomenon that has gone into or occurred around it, but this project is a deeply personal revelation and I hope that you, my friends and readers feel somehow connected to it. I truly believe that by sharing what we create, we are able to communicate more accurately about our experiences, and thus have a more complete perception of ourselves.

Ghosts is now available for sale online at Sonic Boom and Easy Street Records. See the links below.

Thank you for listening. All feedback will not be taken as personally as this speech was written!


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