Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seattle Shout Out - Burning Beast at Smoke Farm

When feeling homesick for Seattle, I dig around in the old memory box (my brain, computer files and literally a box I have under my bed). Today I came up with one of the many incredible adventures I was lucky to embark on with my band, Hallways.

We played as a five-piece band throughout 2009 and during that Summer, were offered an incredible gig at Smoke Farm, a privately owned mecca of earth, north of Seattle that hosts the playground for Seattle based non-profit, Rubicon Foundation. Smoke Farm was hosting the 2nd Annual Burning Beast, a tribute to the Seattle restaurant industry and a sincere celebration of food and the customs inherent to eating.

As part of the entertainment, we were granted free entry to the event and allowed to participate in all the festivities. As a tireless connoisseur of education and an employee of the restaurant industry, I can honestly say I have most enjoyed meat when prepared by humans who respect the sacrifice and ritual of preparing and consuming beings that were once alive with love in their hearts. This festival for me, in this day and age of fast food, excess and lack of connection to what enters our bodies, was the epitome of such an experience.

We ate the most incredible, sustainably-raised meat and fish, we made dear friends, we bonded over our years of hard work in customer service, we celebrated a hard working community, we honored the beast we ate and we ate, we ate, we ate. We played music until the wee hours with our dear friends and we drank, we camped, we lived!

I miss you, my dear, dear home of Seattle, Washington. This is one of my many love letters to you. You should definitely go to Burning Beast next year.  xo, *Stephica

Thursday, October 20, 2011